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1251 W. Hill Rd.

Flint, MI 48507

(810) 767-3308


We have a short call for 2 JIW’s with J&J Electric working at the GM Paint Shop.  


Working Sunday March 25th 7 ½ hours starting at 7:00am.


Working Friday thru Monday March 30th thru April 2nd 10-12 hours starting at 7:00am.


You will need to have or obtain 18 MUST modules.  You will also need a current drug test and 2 forms of ID.


This call will be filled on Friday morning.


The Conti call went to #72 on Book #2

The Superior call went to #85 on Book #2


If you are interested, leave your name and phone number on the job line or email  jwallace@local948.org  -- Job line 810-767-3308 ext 5